About K. Anderson Cookies

K. Anderson

retired from a life of being a judge after 30 years of sending the convicts to where they belong. As a man of culture and intelligence, he loved having tea and butter cookies while reading a good book. After a visit to the baker, he was not satisfied with the quality of the butter cookies which were being offered, He soon commissioned us to create a biscuit that could put those in the market to shame.
After a few months of experimentation, we formulated the best Danish style Butter Cookies for K. Anderson. These cookies have since became a staple treat for him, and his friends who visited him. It has since spread by the word of mouth to friends of friends, and the whole neighborhood.
These Danish Style Butter COokies are also a favorite of our family members. Here are a few flavors available:
- Danish Style Butter Cookies.
- Raspberry Almond Butter Cookies.
- Blueberry Almond Butter Cookies.
They available in tin or box packages.

Crunchy Pillow Crepes

K. Anderson once again challenged us to create a new treat for those who wants something sweeter than the butter cookies which would fot the tastes of the children that come to visit him with their families
These K. Anderson Crunchy Pillow Crepes are sweet, quick bites. Crunchy on the inside, gooey on the outside, they're irresistible! These treats come in three tasty flavors - chocolate milk, banana mil and Malaysia's favorite durian flavor.
- Chocolate Milk Crunchy Pillow Crepes.
- Banana Milk Crunchy Pillow Crepes.
- Durian Crunchy Pillow Crepes.
These sure silenced those children long enough for Anderson to finish reading his books. If you're in a mood for a delectable snack, these will also tide you over till your next meal, or curb your sleepiness.