Our Company

WoaCo, a beloved butter cookies manufacturer since 1986. From a small bakery in Malaysia, WoaCo grew to the size of an international biscuit brand. Over 30 years, we moved with a vision. Because of this vision and perseverance, we were able to take the lead in the Malaysia food manufacturing industry.
WoaCo imagin a future where out Butter Cookies are synonymous to the best butter cookies in the world.
Our products were well-received by the international market, which led to even more opportunities. We've expanded our product range to cater to the ever-changing tastes of the modern family.
We raised the standards for biscuit manufacturing in Malaysia. At the same time, we paved the way for future Malaysia businesses.
Each and every bite of our cookies is a simple pleasure to your senses.

Numerous Export Markets

You can purchase our delicious butter cookies anywhere you want. We have exported our butter cookies to more than 14 countries, expanding further to serve our new customers' demands.

We have very stringent hygiene and quality control, guaranteeing each and every cookie is fir for export.

Keeping our environment safe and healthy is also our priority. We are constantly updating our knowledge on how we can improve our packaging and delivery system to reduce wastage and environmental harm.